OEP 3c: Grit Coaching

Grit is your perseverance and passion toward your goals. It’s your inner hunger and relentless determination to get what you envision.

Having grit is a long-term commitment to your goals, but it displays in your presence as an executive and leader. This coaching session raises awareness of areas you should consider to showing grit during your presentation delivery.

Only a certified coach or practitioner will work with you.


Review your delivery on video based on how well you display grit. In this hour of Grit Coaching, you’ll look at ways to show grit during your delivery.

This coaching session includes

A one-hour one-to-one coaching session to review of the grit in your presentation delivery with a certified coach or practitioner.

How it works

Use one of the following for your coaching session to deep-dive into your strengths and opportunities as a presenter. Here are your options:

    1. Analysis Report and submitted video
    2. Alignment Review and submitted video
    3. Lumina Spark Psychometric Test results and review comments
    4. Send a new video to Info@TruBlendLearning.com 

This coaching session is for

It’s for presenters who are confident about the subject and need to speak with someone who will give targeted feedback on its delivery.


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