OEP 3: Deliver with Confidence – Technique Analysis & Coaching

Essentials of being able to deliver online presentations and videos with command and grit.

The coaching is done only by certified practitioners and coaches.



The Deliver with Confidence: Technique Analysis & Coaching module walks you step-by-step through tactical ways to deliver presentations online presentation with command and grit.  Record delivering your presentation and receive personalized feedback on your strengths and opportunities. You can also review your delivery of an upcoming presentation one-on-one with a certified coach. A bundle for additional hours are available.

This bundle includes

One Analysis Report for a 1-2 minute video
One Alignment Review for a 1-2 minute video
One Grit Coaching via a zoom meeting (Ask us about virtual human coaching)

How it works

We suggest that you move through each evaluation one step at a time, but they can be completed randomly.

STEP 1: Send us your 1-2 minute video to receive an Analysis Report and get feedback on 6 key things to consider when presenting online in-person or creating a video.

STEP 2: Do an Alignment Review next to determine how aligned you are with your audience. You can:

a. Repurpose the video used in the Analysis Report as the evaluation is on a different perspective of your delivery.

b. Send us your new 1-2 minute video.

The feedback looks at different areas of the same presentation.

STEP 3: Receive Grit Coaching to build awareness of areas you should consider during your presentation delivery. This session can give you live in-person feedback on:

a. The previously submitted video(s) you sent us: Analysis Report and Alignment Review

b. A new 1-2 minute recording you send us

c. A live practice of a presentation you will be delivering and receive real-time feedback. All of our coaches sign non-disclosure agreements to keep our clients data secure.

The Grit Coaching is a 1-hour Zoom meeting with a certified coach or practitioner. Additional hours are available.

You can send us an entire presentation for review. You’ll receive pointed feedback on your delivery to the areas in this module. Schedule a consultation.

This program is for

  • People Leaders
  • Anyone who wants to present ideas with clarity, precision and conviction
  • Anyone who wants to strengthen your credibility, authority, and the interest of your audience


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