OEP All: Online Executive Presence — Full Program

This package is the full Executive Presence Learning Path.

Are you able to connect with others online as you do face-to-face?

Technology connects us now-a-days more often than speaking face-to-face. It takes a set of skills to build a connection with someone online as you would face-to-face. Get one-on-one help to polish your executive presentence online and in video.

Sharing your expertise with confidence directly impacts your success

70% of people who present say that presenting is directly tied to your professional success. Of that 70% asked, 40% of them admitted to being bad delivering presentations.



Having the presence of an executive means you’re able to connect to the human-side of others with awareness of who you are.

This Learning Path gives a holistic approach to becoming stronger at presenting your ideas quickly and with impact using your gravitas.

In 3-phases, build self-awareness, update your presentation materials using instructional design principles, and receive targeted feedback.

Are you sharing video when speaking with clients or prospects on online live meetings like WebEx or Live Streams?

We are using the most progressive approaches to connecting and communicating with impact that are available in the market. Prepare yourself to speak with confidence through video and online delivery.

The modules include pieces from HR guidelines used to evaluate performance, survey and classroom evaluations, professional speaking and coaching associations, Board of Education Core Competencies, and other tools, to build this comprehensive learning path.

Leverage past training and work experiences in delivering presentations and get feedback specific to your strengths and opportunities. Take advantage of the entire Executive Presence Learning path to experience the highest impact in your presentations, or complete any module for as little as $27 to tackle your immediate needs.

This bundle includes

One Know Yourself
One Presentation Materials That Speak For You
One Deliver With Confidence: Technique Analysis & Coaching
One Deliver With Confidence: Presentation Delivery  On-going Support




    • 3 months, online
    • 9-10 hours in total


$3,325 (if all modules are purchased together)

Pay as you go available.

This program is for

Business leaders, managers, people who develop people. You’ll learn practical insights on growing your confidence at delivering presentations online and in video.


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