OEP 2: Presentation Materials

Your brand guides the perceptions others have of you and your business. It’s the way you’re recognized in the market and become memorable in people’s mind.

Your presence as an executive is defined in your personal brand. People see the way you dress, hear your words, and see your written presentation to determine your credibility and influence.

Align your materials to the your executive presence with high-end quality handouts and presentation materials.



Design the materials you’ll show and distribute during your presentation. Send us your content and we’ll update the pieces using approaches in how people learn best. We’ll review the structure, content flow, layout to match your brand, and edit your files.

Don’t have anything in writing? We’ll write it with you.

This module includes

  • One double-sided page handout from the list below
  • One 10-20 slide PowerPoint deck to support your presentation
  • Get help with photography, videos, social media ads, graphic designs/illustrations, 3D/AR/VR experiences

Collateral samples to send us

  1. Resume — your curriculum vitae
  2. Capability Statement – a business summary used for government contracts
  3. Executive Summary – a recap of the ways your products and services, and can explain why to do business with you
  4. About Us – recaps the business expertise and background
  5. Brochure
  6. Product & Sales Guide
  7. Product Specification Sheet – gives details of products like size, weight, comparisons, materials…
  8. Product or Services Sell Sheet – gives details about your BAF
  9. Event Marketing Strategy – recaps your services and how they align to marketing
  10. Explainer content – offers a short-form video or Quick Reference Card
  11. Newsletter
  12. Upcoming Events and Offers
  13. Case Studies 
  14. Squeeze pages
  15. Social media ads and outreach
  16. … any materials you would need to present your ideas!

How it works

  1. Purchase your package
  2. Send your file(s) to Info@TruBlendLearning.com
  3. Describe the work you’d like us to help you with
  4. A Learning & Development consultant will review your submission, talk with you about the work needed, and come up with next steps


This program is for

  • People Leaders
  • Anyone who wants to create the pieces from scratch or polish existing materials


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