The uFoundation offers a collection of 1-hour virtual and face-to-face instructor-led sessions that help colleagues learn practical ways to build safe workplaces founded on mutual respect.

Forster belonging and inclusion for all colleagues to create or advance your Inclusion & Diversity impact in positive ways. The workshops address core areas that minimize legal risks, help you prevent biases, address social inequities, and enable cultural sensitivities. Increase awareness toward issues like sexual harassment, violence, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace.

Designed to help build empathy and stronger relationships overall by giving you tools to navigate cultural differences.

Each workshop can be tailored-made to your business situations and delivered to groups of 5 or more.


Human equity has 4 pillars that create systemic opportunities for every social-economic class. It is a movement of taking ownership of your health and that of your family, destigmatizing cannabis in our communities, finding business opportunities in the industry, and healing as a community from the War on Drugs.

Learn techniques to maximize efficacy in growing a personal organic garden while having a low impact on the environment to benefit your medical, spiritual or recreational well-being.

In a 3-part series, learn how to grow cannabis at home, what to do to keep your plants healthy, and things to do with your harvest.

Grow Cannabis at Home

New York is among the few states who allow for up to 6 cannabis THC plants to be grown at home for recreational use. However, hemp is a federally regulated plant which can be grown at home or in a commercial setting with the correct permits.

While some are taking the opportunity to grow for health and spiritual reasons, others are studying the business and employment potential offered in the industry.

If you want to grow cannabis THC or CBD at home, we’re sharing our experiences on how to do it. This is our journey, and we welcome you to be a part of our team.

Keep Your Cannabis Plants Healthy

Growing healthy plants that you intend to smoke or eat is critical. Don’t think it’s an easy process to grow cannabis. The plants have been humanized through history and get sick with pests, parasites, and viruses. Like children, each has their own strengths and weaknesses that deserve individualized care.

Learn the fundamentals of growing cannabis the old-fashioned way – without chemicals – to keep the taste pure, prevent any cross-contamination of hazardous chemicals, while still helping them recover from any ailments.

Things To Do With Cannabis

Cannabis is not just for recreational smoking. There are as many uses for the plant, as there are uses for the flower.  Learn 3 key product assortments that can help you decide how you’d like to benefit from your harvest.


Learn the purest approach to growing cannabis garden at home. In this hour, you will discuss:

  1. The law and what's needed to start your garden
  2. Selecting seeds for the therapeutic effects and benefits you want to feel from the chemovars
  3. Creating optimal lighting, water, soil conditions, and ventilation for your plants to thrive
  4. The growing process: germinating, incubating, and transplanting
  5. General plant care
  6. Harvest, drying and storing flowers

In this hour, you will discuss:

  1. Managing vegetative/flower growth
  2. Preventing fungus, mushrooms and pests from harming the crop
  3. Preparing for harvest

What You Will Cover

You will be able to:

  1. Grow cannabis at home
  2. Apply tactics to keep your plants healthy
  3. Create home remedies, products, and edibles with your harvest

Who Should Attend

  • Innovators for food and agriculture
  • Anyone looking for sustainable ways to create healthy foods for personal nutrition and home remedies


                    In-Person & Virtual Instructor-led


60-minute & Half day sessions available


Local languages available in some cases.

Additional Notes

  • All classroom in-person sessions use a live cannabis CBD plant to study the subject.
  • Subscribe to our community and receive a taste from our boutique-manicured flowers.

Available in New York Only.

We offer a gardening consultations and products to help  you.

The uFoundation

So what works when it comes to creating lasting behavior change and culture transformation? It was found that 81% of all culture changes fail as a result of a poor strategy.

The uFoundation

The learning assets in this 6-course series guide you to build bias awareness with simple, practical techniques that enable you to build stronger relationships regardless of personal differences.

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