What We Do

Training When It's Needed Most

We apply studied adult education and distance learning research to your vertical market and business operations, and use leading technologies to build high-end quality training.

What We Do

TruBLEND Learning offers project services in all areas of Learning & Development

Partner with us to develop any area of your training. It can be face-to-face or virtual delivery, e/mLearning courses, videos, simulations, guides... anything that helps build the culture you want for your team and connects you to clients in ways that keep you top-of-mind.

Our expertise range from creating

end-to-end global initiatives to

coaching one-on-one. 

Build training for any area of development: (1) talent acquisition & development, (2) onboarding, (3) performance management, (4) leadership, (5) sales, (6) compliance, and (7) technical skills.

Blended Learning Programs

Use a combination of in-person (face-to-face and virtual), on-demand, and informal learning to deliver training and message in ways that people remember best.

Our team specializes in people-development can help you identify the best ways to deliver training specific to your strategy. These include:

  1. Writing the conceptual framework and objectives
  2. Designing the training or presentation
  3. Developing the materials for delivery (all media)
  4. Delivering the presentation (or co-facilitating and doing knowledge transfers)
  5. Implementing initiatives (local and international launches)
  6. Reporting and measurements

Our clients are companies who want to

build a workforce where people come first. 

Create learning paths or certification programs that progressively guide you through learning. Programs that align to your direction, HR policies, regulatory compliance mandates, and organizational development goals.

Blended learning maximizes your impact because people have the support
and information they need when they need it.

In a membership survey, LinkedIn found that 94% of professionals said they'd be more likely to stay at a company that invested in helping them build new skills to succeed in their career.

By 2020, digital video will reach 60% of the pie. It will be the number one single activity, other than sleeping and working, where people will spend the most amount of free time.

In-Person Training & Virtual Classrooms

When is best to deliver training in-person or online?

We’ll help you decide. We can create anything you’ll need for delivery. These include the presentation deck, manuals, handouts, quizzes, downloads, quality and content review, delivery (and co-facilitation), surveys, and social media ads.

Delivery can be formal or informal, it depends on how you want to reach others and help them increase understanding of your topic, products and services.

On-Demand Training

On-demand training gives people control to choose what they learn and when they learn it.

As an individual, you are accountable for being in the know about what's happening, your products and services, policies, procedures and practices. 

As an employer, you have the opportunity to get your team the information they need to help them make the right decisions for your business and clients.

Training can be delivered via a

Learning Management System or

social media to stay connected all the time.

Repurposing your content, we’ll create courses and videos for delivery via your LMS platform and social media portal. You can curate or write the content with the help of your expert.

Learning should never be restricted by your company’s walls.

eLearning courses that are completed at a person's pace and time. Generally available on a secured platform, they can be assigned by managers, be included in learning paths, and be made as required training for employment.

Considered formal training delivered as an online course. They include modules of instruction, knowledge checks, quizzes, interactive simulations, scenarios, dashboards, how-to’s you can apply to real-life situations.

Informal Support

Learning is about behavior change, technical or people skills, that help you work optimally in the workplace.

Develop the Perfect Learning Strategy

It’s a journey that starts with knowing yourself, and receiving the tools and support necessary to help you grow.


  • Create written pieces like guides, manuals, brochures, Quick Reference Cards to have information at the fingertips.


  • Create mentorship and coaching programs that make information easily accessible when people need it.


Social media gives way to staying in touch with relevant, accessible and effective information.


Keep people connected. Build informal learning for social media delivery and create a virtual community of learning and develop your virtual presence.

The Lumina Spark Psychometric Test

Lumina Spark is a progressive test that measures 24 qualities independent of each other.

This means you're not categorized into any group, and can reliably know how your qualities display under different personas. It gives clarity that allows you to use yourself as the foundation to build relationships with others regardless of their communication preference.

The uFoundation guides you through open discussions to deep dive in understanding ways to build positive dynamics and open communication with others. You'll learn techniques to build deeper lasting relationships with others.