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Meet the Company

Welcome! Thank you for visiting our site. TruBLEND Learning stays ahead of the game by utilizing the latest technologies to further evolve our research of people and community. Through this research, we create personalized courses that increase business acumen, colleague involvement and confidence. 

We have been pushing the bounds of unique learning experiences in the workplace with programs that have reached a global network of companies whose success comes by putting people first while offering exceptional colleague and client experiences. Our custom programs abide by the idea that diverse ideas build organizational strength. And through your colleagues, through diversity and innovation, you will be able to achieve results far beyond the contribution of one.

It is through exercising the strengths of a group that makes them a team. Every person is different, and the ways in which we learn are reflections of that. In our modern age, cookie-cutter programs are no longer an acceptable means to educate our employees. Just as the ways in which we learn are reflected in our individuality, education should reflect the people it is meant to cultivate. And at TruBLEND Learning, we aim to make the connections between where your company presently is, and the place that your ambitions demand. 

The Team

We consist of a group of world class experts, trusted advisors, leaders, specialists, practitioners, coaches, and mentors in the people development field.

Our Courses

The Team designs programs for the employee life-cycle in areas of on-boarding, leadership, core competencies, compliance, sales, performance management and professional progression in your industry.

Working with Us

In working with us, you will have access to our strategic alliance and business partners spanning across 57 countries.

How We'll Help


Decrease turnover, errors, legal liability and operational  risks.


Increase profit, quality, client experience excellence ratings, and employees work satisfaction.


Improve relationships, colleague collaboration, team confidence and your people culture.


About the Foudner & CEO

Since our establishment in 2017, the Founder & CEO, Freddie Collazo has applied holistic, leading edge approaches to learning initiatives, from curriculum design and development to training implementation and ROI measurements. As the designer of award-winning training programs in use across 57 countries, the mind behind TruBLEND Learning is set on providing full-service instructional design that builds interactive, experiential learning to strategically increase business acumen and drive meaningful conversations and execution of your organization’s strategies.