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About Us

Global Instructional Design & Development

Who We Are

About TruBLEND Learning

As a community, we stay abreast of the latest technologies and research to develop people. We employ every role needed to create unique training that ranges from ideas to addresses a business need through the development, launch, and reporting for all delivery methods.

The team

We are a group of experts, leaders, analysis, specialists, practitioners coaches, mentors in the people development field.

Our Courses

Our Team designs and develops programs for onboarding, sales, technical, leadership, performance management, compliance, and professional development for any industry.

Working with Us

By working with us, you’ll have access to our strategic alliances and business partners. Our training assets span across 57 countries.

We pride ourselves in providing exceptional services and high-quality work.


Teach employees and clients about who you are, what you do, and what distinguishes you in the market while building their skills, meeting compliance mandates, and creating a community of learning and practice that puts people first.

We will help you

  • Get better profit
  • Increase customer service excellence ratings
  • Increase employee job satisfaction ratings
  • Decrease turnover
  • Decrease errors
  • Increase quality
  • Build team confidence and agility
  • Create arteries across departments
  • Reduce legal liability risks from compliance mandates
  • Manage change

Your team is your backbone to success and taking time to challenge them makes reaching your business goals even sweeter. Winning happens by working together. Reach out to us for a consultation.

Your talent development initiative can include instructor-led, virtual classrooms, self-paced courses, videos, coaching and mentoring, quick reference materials… simply what’s needed to get your teams to where you want them to be. It’s all tailored to you using cutting-edge technology, adult education methodologies, and distance learning principles in all vertical markets.


About the Founder & CEO

“I started TruBLEND Learning to help unite people with knowledge sharing. We can learn together, be supportive of one another, and share the best version of ourselves.”

Fredeswinda Collazo (Freddie) is a global learning strategist and designer who specializes in helping companies be more effective though their people. Over the last 25 years, she’s led large, in-depth global projects in 57 countries with a variety of clients.

Her work centers on developing teams in areas of leadership, technical (sales, product, and software), compliance, and professional skills (connecting and communicating effectively), using research in adult education, distance learning, and best practices from corporations worldwide.

Her work

With a track record of achieving measurable results, Freddie works with your current resources to build training that optimizes employee performance and clients’ awareness of the business, so that you can stay relevant in the market. She seeks ways people can build genuine relationships through training and offers a one-stop shop to build custom training that explicitly addresses her client’s needs.