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Training that directly addresses your business needs

We develop training from scratch, can join your team to help you meet critical timelines, and help you continue your talent development efforts.

Learning assets that are tailored to your needs

Choose from the existing programs, and tailor them to your professional and organizational growth plan. Build momentum that drives results.

Working with TruBLEND Learning

If there's a way to use training to have a positive impact on your business goals, our team can help you build it.

Build a community of learning and practice

Attend workshops that help to unite. Create arteries across your community to share resources. Connect with others and keep them in-the-knowing.

We help you build an online executive presence

The in-house tools are personalized to you and your business. This learning path builds self-awareness, helps you polish your presentation materials, and gives you targeted feedback.

We Provide

In-Source Learning & Development Services

We align people, process, culture and technology to optimize performance and increase profit through training.

TruBLEND Learning builds tailor-made training to the way you do business, your market, and industry. We achieve this through:

ONE: Developing your organization’s talent with in-person (face-to-face and virtual), on-demand (eLearning, videos, and augmented reality), and informal learning

TWO: Raising self-awareness on tough issues that impact business performance

THREE: Building executive presence in those who want to communicate with impact

FOUR: Connecting our communities to government and business resources via a seamlessly integrated platform

Our Programs

The uFoundation

In-person workshops that embed a culture of continuous learning and collaboration, giving tactical insight into building relationships with others.

Executive Presence Learning Path

Personalized learning to help you develop confidence in delivering presentations online and via video.

Virtual Community Center

Serves as a hub to connect the community members to government and business resources.

Build a High Impact Learning Organization

TruBLEND Learning creates comprehensive talent development initiatives for onboarding, leadership, technical, sales, compliance and professional development tailored to the way you do business to meet your company’s vision, industry demands, and explicit employee and client needs.

People learn best from each other.

Use research in how people learn best, interact with technology and best practices from successful businesses to build your training

Align your training to your business goals and culture. Build training assets from scratch that are specific to the needs of your team, repurpose your content into something new and current, and provide on-going support to clients and employees with relevant training when it’s needed.

Connect with others and delivery your message with impact to get things done

With certified coaches and practitioners, you can build keener self-awareness on the ways your behavior impacts others, learn practical ways to quickly read situations and adjust your communication preference to build a connection fast, create or refine your presentation materials, and practice delivering your message to communicate with confidence.

Our team builds custom training that marries your results to performance optimization.

You can deliver training in any media, for all phases of the employee lifecycle, and in all phases of the curriculum development lifecycle. 

What We Offer You

Learning Effectiveness

Our team helps you develop a learning strategy that considers training quality, performance management, learning progression to objectives, and reporting

Learning Technologies

​Leverage technology in and out of the classroom for formal and informal training using an LMS, mobile learning, and videos

Instructional Design

We work with leaders and SMEs to design initiatives to develop talent​ and improve operational efficiency

Training Delivery

Whether it’s instructor-led, virtual classrooms, simulations, coaching & mentoring, and the coordination of training efforts, we are here to help you

Organizational Developments

We help you build your leadership and employee development programs, and succession plans specific to roles, performance management and talent measurements

62% of organizations rate themselves as ineffective at workforce planning.


Why Us

We suggest ways to leverage your training to help you build sustainable change.

If it can (and should) be done, we will find a way to make it happen.

Tailored Learning

Use learning strategies proven to help people retain and interact with information effectively. You hone-in specifically on areas that can lead you to build a company culture that is centered around people – diversity and inclusion, collaboration and synergy among your teams and clients – as well as skill-building areas such as leadership, sales, technical, compliance and professional skills.


Gartner states that digital transformation is becoming increasingly important for the survival of businesses, with digital revenues expected to grow from 16% to 37% by 2021.