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Social Responsibility and Giving Back

Here are a few events we’ve been part of to help unite our small business communities.

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The Northern New Jersey Association for Talent Development is sponsoring a workshop in our uFoundation Series.


Latinos in Business Expo_20190331

The Hudson Valley Woman in Business invited TruBLEND Learning to join a panel discussion on How to be a Powerhouse: Successful HVWIB Women!  From defining the business moment when we knew we would succeed to ways we handle failure, imposter syndrome, and anxiety, it was a great discussion practical insight on ways to succeed.

TruBLEND Learning has a booth at the Latinos in Business Succeeding Together Expo 2019! We will be showing samples of the 3D Models we can create and recording anyone who’s interested in an Analysis Report from our Executive Presence Learning Path.


In CEO Chat, a radio segment at La Voz Radio Kingston, TruBLEND Learning spoke with Antonio Flores-Lobos and Mariel Fiori to introduce our company to the Latinix community in the Hudson Valley. Spoke about who we are, how we got started, and the services we provide the community.

LaVoz_Winner of Ad_DnD

TruBLEND Learning gave away a free social media design to a local business who called La Voz Radio.


In a conversation with Enrique of ABC Latino, TruBLEND Learning gave insights into how a small business gets the word out about their business via social media sites.


At this small business owners retreat, Freddie Collazo, CEO of TruBLEND Learning, presented the workshop: Using Colors to Connect with Others.


At this CEO Chat at La Voz Radio, Antonio Flores-Lobos and Mariel Fiori spoke about ways to use training to grow your business. We spoke about Leadership Orange and the many resources available in the community to help business owners and residents take advantage of the low cost or free opportunities.

With Increase Your Visibility, we offered a complementary ticket to the bVisible Illuminations Day Retreat.


TruBLEND Learning accepted the invitation to join the Orange County Partnership Workforce Development Taskforce in 2018.