Online Executive Presence

Having executive presence and gravitas are considered the most important skills to have to being an effective leader. It is found that 75% of information is retained when you practice what you learned, and 90% is retained when you teach others or use it immediately.

The Online Executive Presence Learning Path is a roadmap to help you find your voice as a speaker, polish your presentation materials, and practice your online delivery receiving targeted feedback. 

Can you deliver presentations with confidence, authority, and grit? Engage, command the room and inspire others with the techniques you'll learn in this program.

This program offers a roadmap for you to practice delivering your ideas with confidence, authority, and grit during meetings and in one-to-one conversations.

Learn about yourself, create polished presentation materials, and practice your online delivery with real-time targeted feedback.


There are two key elements of having executive presence: (1) the way you feel about yourself, and (2) the way people perceive you.

How do you want to engage others? Start with a self-assessment to measure 24 key qualities that describe your 3 personas. The results describes how you behave in certain situations and how others perceive your actions.

In this course, you’ll also review the assessment results in a 1-hour, one-to-one session with a Lumina Learning Certified Practitioner.

Think of how much you can learn about yourself and why others behave toward you as they do.


  • People Leaders
  • Anyone who wants to be their authentic self with others, command respect and attention, and be heard.


               On-Demand & Virtual Instructor-led


  • A 30-minute Lumina Learning test
  • A 60-minute one-to-one coaching


                 Local languages available in some cases.

Additional Notes

                 You’ll receive a Full Lumina Learning Psychometric Test Report with enrollment.

Online Executive Presence