Content Development & Executive Presence


In today's competitive business landscape, executive presence and gravitas are crucial for effective leadership. Did you know that 75% of information is retained when you practice what you learned, and an impressive 90% is retained when you teach others or immediately put it into action?

TruBLEND Learning offers a comprehensive Online Executive Presence program that is designed to help you find your voice as a speaker, polish your presentation materials, and practice your online delivery, all while receiving targeted feedback. Our customized content development and professional coaching services are tailored to meet the unique needs of both large teams and individuals seeking to enhance their executive presence.

Learn about yourself, create polished presentation materials, and practice your online delivery with real-time targeted feedback.

With our Online Executive Presence Learning Path, you will embark on a transformative journey to master the art of delivering presentations with confidence, authority, and grit. Whether it's engaging in meetings, commanding the room, or inspiring others, our program equips you with the techniques and skills necessary to captivate your audience.


Key Features to Choose


Understand the elements that contribute to executive presence, including how you perceive yourself and how others perceive you. Begin with a comprehensive self-assessment that measures 24 key qualities, revealing insights into your behaviors and their impact on others. You will also receive a 1-hour one-to-one session with a Lumina Learning Certified Practitioner to review your assessment results and gain valuable insights into your authentic self.


  • People Leaders: Strengthen your leadership presence and inspire your teams with enhanced communication and presentation skills.
  • Anyone Seeking Authenticity and Influence: Whether you are a seasoned executive, emerging leader, or individual contributor, our program empowers you to be your authentic self, command respect, and effectively communicate your ideas.


On-Demand & Virtual Instructor-led


  • 30-minute Lumina Learning test: Gain valuable insights into your behavioral tendencies.
  • 60-minute one-to-one coaching: Receive personalized guidance and strategies to enhance your executive presence.


Local languages available in some cases.

Additional Notes

Full Lumina Learning Psychometric Test Report: Enroll in our program and receive a comprehensive report that delves into your behavioral preferences, providing valuable self-awareness and growth opportunities.

Online Executive Presence