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Raise the Bar on Learning

How we can assist you

TruBLEND Learning provides well-designed, tailored-made, high-end quality learning experiences and materials that are delivered at reasonable costs and in a timely fashion.

Let us develop training from scratch, join your team to help you meet critical timelines, and help you continue your talent development efforts with unique learning experiences.

In-Source Learning & Development Services

Hire us on a per-hour basis, by project, or as an in-source resource. Our goal in this program is to help you build internal and client training, and office collateral materials.

Building training can be for in-person, on-demand, and informal delivery to increase skill confidence.

Building adhoc buiness pieces would keep people connected and in the knowing.

We work in partnership with business to help employees further their skills and knowledge, while they build confidence in their role and in working with clients.

Our Mandate

ONE: To strategize learning initiatives based on stakeholder requests and analysis from focus groups, surveys, and internal performance indicators

TWO: To analyze need, design, develop, and implement business-wide training for in-person, on-demand, and informal learning

THREE: To partner with your business in creating training for any phase of the employee life-cycle:

  • Onboarding
  • Talent acquisition and development
  • Performance optimization
  • Skills development (sales, technical, compliance, and professional)

FOUR: To coach and share best practices with others on the analysis, design, development, launch, and measurement of training

Learning Assets

Create effective and compelling training content from scratch or repurpose your current materials.

In addition, create custom templates that support your brand.

Here are the most requested deliverables. Ask us about the TruBLEND Augmented Reality Community.

  • Presentation materials (e.g., PowerPoint, handouts, activities, tests)
  • Reference Cards and downloads
  • Facilitator and Participant Guides
  • Proposal writing
  • Video recordings
  • Storyboards for multimedia and on-demand training
  • Announcements for social media, events and launches
Learning & Development Team Development

Let us help develop your L&D team software, instructional design, curriculum development, delivery skills... We follow your curriculum development lifecycle.

Bring us in as:


To help brainstorm and strategize learning initiatives locally and worldwide

Per Project Initiative

A worry-free approach to training. We bring in our experts to develop projects from inception through completion

Ad-hoc Initiatives

An instructional designer/curriculum development specialist is assigned to work with you on any project around communicating your message. These can range from: 

  • Content writing
  • Document layout/design
  • Proposal writing
  • Brochure creation 
  • Newsletters/blogs 

We complete general tasks done by persons on the L&D role.

Can you deliver presentations with confidence, authority, and grit? Engage, command respect and inspire others with the techniques you'll learn in this program.

The Executive Presence Learning Path helps you develop confidence when delivering presentations online and in video. Choose from any of the services that best fit your needs.

Learn more about yourself so that you can deep dive into building meaningful relationships with others, build your presentation materials in ways that connect with your audience, and receive targeted feedback on your presentation. Here's how.

Know Yourself

Am I an introvert or an extrovert? I'm both. Forward-thinking corporations use Lumina Spark as a progressive psychometric test that measures 24 qualities independent of each other. It doesn't group you into a code or group; instead, your results are described in 3 personas that display your behavior based on your environment and the pressures you're in. Take this test to understand:

  1. Your measurement on each quality
  2. How your qualities display in behavior under the 3 personas
  3. Ways to use your results as the foundation to build meaningful relationships with others
Presentation Materials that Speak for You

This service is for businesses and individuals who understand the power of having a brand and want their presentation materials to reflect their professionalism. We'll help you build them from scratch or update what you have from an instructional design perspective.

Here are a few of the pieces we help build both for online and face-to-face delivery:

  1. Templates that support your brand
  2. Videos and slide presentations
  3. Handouts, downloads and supporting presentation materials
  4. Manuals, brochures, Product & Sales Guides, Capability Statements and Executive Summaries
Deliver with Confidence

There are differences between delivering a presentation face-to-face versus live online. Record yourself delivering the presentation (or message) and send us the recording for review. We'll give you practical, personalized feedback on your delivery.

In this module:

  1. Receive a Presentation Analysis Report to identify key areas to make your presentation stronger
  2. Receive a Presentation Alignment Review to review how well your delivery aligns to your objectives and audience
  3. Receive Presentation Grit Coaching to build your presentations skills one-on-one with a certified coach
  4. Tap onto On-going Presentation Delivery Support and receive targeted feedback 

Executive Presence Learning Path

A collection of 5 workshops that guide you through (1) Knowing Yourself with reliable measurements, and (2) Building relationships with people who can seem different to you.

The workshops are your “cliff notes” and “next step” of the courses generally offered by Harvard ManageMentor and American Management Association-type providers. A place where to deep dive into the subject at a leadership level to talk about the given issues. There’s a general expectation that you are familiar with standard HR policies and your professional role.

Each workshop can be tailored-made to your business situations and delivered to groups of 5 or more.

Designed to help build more empathy and better relationships overall by giving you tools to navigate cultural differences in practical ways.

The workshops address core areas that minimize legal risks. They help you prevent bias, enable cultural sensitivities, increase awareness toward issues like sexual harassment, violence, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace.

  • GROUP OF 5: Customized each workshop to your specific needs
  • ASK US: Delivery can be done as Classroom, Onsite and Live Online Training

Workshop Overviews

Connect & Communicate with Impact

This 1-day course takes a deep dive into your qualities. We begin with reviewing and interpreting your Lumina Spark Psychometric test results, analyzing the ways your behavior is expressed to others, and discussing how others can perceive your actions.

This workshop is only delivered by a Lumina Learning Certified Practitioner.


Learn More

Speed Reading to Build Rapport Faster

How long does it take for you to see someone and know how the communication might go?

This 4-hour workshop gives you clear things to look for in anyone that tells you very quickly the ways you can adjust your communication preference to theirs so that you can build open communication, with and without words or visual queues, fast.


Learn More

Connect with Others Using Colors

Though history, and depending on the country, there are natural associations we give colors. This workshop talks about what colors represent to us as a community and how we draw from their meaning to connect with others.


Learn More

Value Our Diversity

There’s strength in diversity and inclusion. Learn ways to recognize opportunities to build positive, collaborative team dynamics based on support. and work with your opposite, and what’s your communication preference.


Learn More

Sexual Harassment: Know the Law and Your Role

This 4-hour workshop walks you through what it means to have a Culture of Compliance. Learn how compliance helps to mitigate risks and your role in the prevention of sexual harassment and violence in the workplace.


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The uFoundation

Virtual Community Center

Like a brick-and-mortar community center, the Virtual Community Center serves as a hub to connect the community to local businesses and government resources in one place.


You no longer need to go from one office to the next to find the services you seek.  At your fingertips, you can search for the local resources via one portal.


The hub leverages the latest technologies in artificial intelligence, augmented reality, CRM and HRIS systems to connect you to opportunities in the area from anywhere. It also offers businesses a cost effective portal to onboard, develop in-house talent, and stay connected with clients.

Leverage Artificial Intelligence for fast infromation when it's needed

Residents can search through online course library to gain the skills considered of high value to the local businesses. You can attend webinars, schedule yourself to local events and training, create a list of courses specific to your development, and automatically receive notifications for courses that might be of interest to you.

Businesses can hand-select courses from the library, create their own, and build learning paths specific to the needs of their teams!

Access TruBLEND AR Community and use Augmented Reality to build highly immersive experiences

Create immersive experiences with augmented reality from 3D models of your products, 360 virtual reality stores from where clients can shop, holograms that give your visitors another reason to visit you with virtual tour and points of interests at your location. 

Access government, not-for-profit, community and business resources specific to the region

Even small towns have a wealth of resources that residents don’t know exist. Here’s a directory with links to the websites of the resources within your community in one platform. 

Find opportunities: Give a glimpse into who you are and your interests

Create a portrait to showcase your talents and find resources to help you understand your career options, market trends, and connect with businesses in the area for ways you can work together.

Share, connect, and grow alongside local businesses

For small to large businesses, local organizations, mastermind groups, and associations. Find residents to join your team, create a learning portal for your business and group. Create learning paths from online libraries, build events or meetings for instructor-led and virtual delivery, and generate reports to continue the relationship with those who attended or missed the event.  

Virtual Community Center