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How we can assist you

As a full-service Learning & Development solutions provider, TruBLEND Learning builds tailor-made training that considers multiple ways you can connect you to your audience to produce the results you want.

Tailored Learning & Development Services

TruBLEND Learning offers learning professionals with extensive experience in designing and executing learning curriculums, and strong results in transferring training into performance results.

We lead the development of engaging and interactive curriculums. Are comfortable working in highly regulated and matrix environments and partner with leaders and designers who execute innovative learning strategies. We help you define your training needs and translate business requirements into performance-based learning.

Build Training From Scratch

Can help you figure out the training you need and find existing training that can then be customized explicitly to your organization. This helps you leverage existing resources to create training that follows your voice, values, brand, safety, and market, and gives your teams the skills they need to succeed alongside you.

We offer help in developing training for the entire employee development lifecycle.  

Update And Enhance Existing Training Assets

Our goal is to help you update and enhance your internal and client-facing training by leveraging your existing training assets. We make sure all training deliverables are instructionally sound and follow consistency with your brand and voice for multiple audiences.

You can also create custom templates and designs, here are a couple of ways we help organizations:

  • Presentation materials (e.g., PowerPoint, handouts, activities, tests)
  • Reference Cards and downloads
  • Facilitator and Participant Guides
  • Responses to Request For Proposals
  • Video recordings
  • Announcements for social media, events and launches
Use Our In-source L&D Services

On an on-going-basis, we help you design, develop, maintain, and enhance your training to keep it current and relevant for staff and clients. For a flat fee, we handle any instructional design and curriculum development work you might need. 

We follow your curriculum development lifecycle and leading research in the industry. You're the Subject Matter Expert, and we apply instructional design principles the content.


To help brainstorm and strategize learning initiatives.

Per Project Initiative

A worry-free approach to training. We bring in our team to develop projects from inception through completion. 

Ad-hoc Initiatives

An instructional designer/curriculum development specialist is assigned to work with you on any project around communicating your message. These can range from: 

    • Content writing and editing
    • Document layout and design
    • Proposal writing
    • Brochure creation 
    • Newsletters/blogs creation

Training can be designed for in-person, on-demand, and (in)formal delivery.

The Executive Presence Learning Path is a roadmap to help you find your voice as a leader, polish your presentation materials, and practice your online delivery receiving targeted feedback. 

Can you deliver presentations with confidence, authority, and grit? Engage, command the room and inspire others with the techniques you'll learn in this program.

Know Yourself

There are two key elements of having executive presence: the way you feel about yourself and the way people perceive you. The Know Yourself element guides you through this discovery by reliably measuring 24 of your qualities independently of each other.

You’re able to understand your behavior in certain situations and how others perceive your actions. Your results serve as a foundation for you to adapt better to situations and communicate more effectively with others.

This section also offers a one-hour, one-to-one review of your test results with a Lumina Learning Certified Practitioner. This colleague walks you through the report, and helps you understand the results as they apply specifically to you.

The meeting gives you practical examples of ways your behavior is perceived by others and areas to enhance to be an authentic leader, command respect, attention and be heard.

Presentation Materials That Speak For You

Your presentation is guided by the materials you use to present your ideas. They make a difference in the perception others have of how prepared you are to get to the next step.

TruBLEND Learning handles the design and development of the presentation materials. From an instructional design approach, we create the pieces from scratch, or polish them to help you present yourself in a way that connects with others.

These documents range from PowerPoint presentations, handouts, brochures, guides to eLearning, videos and AR/VR that you want others to experience with your presentation.

Deliver With Confidence

Executive presence blends temperament, competence and character that when combined exude the right signals that embody your influence of others and drives results. This confidence, or ability to command a room, is built with preparation and practice.

Whether your presentation is face-to-face or virtual, the Deliver With Confidence element lets you practice your delivery and receive practical, personalized feedback that helps build your style, substance and character as a leader in a few ways:

Presentation Analysis Report

Identify key areas to make your presentation stronger

Receive: A 1-page, 10-question scaled analysis report

Presentation Alignment Review

Review how well your delivery aligns to your objectives and audience

Receive: A 1-2 page alignment review with free-form text

Presentation Grit Coaching

Build your presentations skills one-on-one with a certified coach and receive targeted feedback on your presentation

Receive: A 1-hour virtual coaching session with a certified coach to review the video submitted, or the presentation to be delivered, as a one-to-one meeting

Send us your recorded video for analysis. You can schedule a one-to-one virtual coaching session to get feedback on a presentation you're preparing to deliver.

Present your ideas with clarity and conviction. Your presentation delivery tells others you are ready and have though through what’s to be said. This is critical to strengthen your credibility, authority, and the interest of your audience.

Complete each element of the learning path as you need or follow the suggested sequence.

Executive Presence Learning Path

The uFoundation collection helps employees learn practical ways to build safe workplaces that are founded on mutual respect.

The workshops address core areas that minimize legal risks, help you prevent bias, enable cultural sensitivities, increase awareness toward issues like sexual harassment, violence, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace.

Designed to help build more empathy and better relationships overall by giving you tools to navigate cultural differences in practical ways.

Each workshop can be tailored-made to your business situations and delivered to groups of 5 or more.

Connect & Communicate With Impact

Do an analysis of 24 of your qualities and use your results as the foundation to connect and communicate with impact. We begin with reviewing and interpreting your Lumina Spark Psychometric Test results, analyzing the way your behavior is expressed to others, and discussing how others can perceive your actions.


Part of knowing how to read situations, respond with empathy and speak with confidence, stems from knowing yourself. This discussion builds self-awareness based on your Lumina Spark test results. It challenges you to analyze how your behavior can impact the way you connect with others, and gives you tools to help bridge the gap.

We are all unique. Drive your personal and professional growth and show others your authentic self.

What You Will Cover

You will be able to:

    1. Interpret your test results
    2. Identify how the 24 qualities translate to behavior
    3. Analyze your communication preferences and working style to the way you behave
    4. Analyze how your expressed behavior impacts on others
    5. Recognize how others can perceive your actions
    6. Apply techniques to adapt your style to better communicate, respond to and influence others

Who Should Attend

    • Anyone who has problems being understood when they speak.
    • Anyone who want to learn techniques to build more open communication with others by adjusting their communication preference to others.
    • Anyone who wants to understand why people behave a certain way toward them.

This session is only delivered by a Lumina Learning Certified Practitioner. You'll receive a full Lumina Spark report and discussion guide. We will honor prior Lumina Spark Test Reports and offer you a 10% discount on the cost of this session. Contact us for details.

Speed Reading To Build Rapport Faster

We all have biases. These can be explicitly or unconsciously shown to others. How long does it take for you to see someone and know how the communication might go?

This 1-hour discussion reviews 4 key areas to observe about people that helps you understand their personality traits to build rapport and open, collaborative communication faster. You’ll apply tactics to help you communicate more clearly and build open conversation.


There are 4 communication preferences to consider when speaking with someone that lets you know about their personality quickly. Learn about them and how to use them to read someone’s preferences, build trust and open dialog fast.

What You Will Cover

You will be able to:

    1. Quickly identify someone’s communication preferences
    2. Align the characteristics to your communication style
    3. Associate common behaviors with each communication preference
    4. Read personality queues that identify their communication style
    5. Apply techniques to build more meaningful relationships and results-driven communication

Who Should Attend

    • Anyone seeking to improve personal and business results by learning to inspire open communication and extraordinary performance throughout their department, division, or organization.
    • Anyone wanting the learn ways to apply the subject for their own personal and professional development.
Connect With Others Using Colors

There are natural associations we make with colors depending on cultures and countries around the world. This discussion talks about what colors represent to us as a community and how to draw from their meaning to connect with others.


How do we relate to others in ways that produce the results wanted? This discussion builds cultural awareness based on the meaning we associate with colors worldwide. It gives you practical know-how of our cultural differences and lets you practice giving feedback based on these considerations.

What You Will Cover

You will be able to:
1. What the eye sees
2. Compare and contrast the historical meaning we give colors worldwide (The Americas, EMEA, and ASIAPAC)
3. Associate colors to observable behaviors
4. Cultural awareness and effectively working with others
5. Techniques to connect in natural ways to others using colors

Who Should Attend

• Anyone who want to use the natural meaning we give colors to build stronger relationships with everyone.
• Anyone who wants to open channels of communication that lead to more meaningful relationships using colors.

Value Our Diversity

There’s strength in our differences. Everyone's opinion matters, even when you disagree with the perspective. In this course, learn ways to recognize opportunities to build positive, collaborative team dynamics that are founded on support and mutual respect.


In this 1-hour virtual, in-person discussion, walk through what it means to value diversity. To be able to implicitly address bias, equity, diversity and inclusion business-wide, you must first become aware and critically conscious of how your behavior directly impacts the working conditions and can lead to inequitable outcomes, such as with power, privilege, discrimination based on race, ethnicity, language, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression.

What You Will Cover

You will learn to:
1. Compare and contrast the historical role of men and women to today’s work climate
2. Differentiate between diversity, inclusion, and belonging at work
3. Workplace harassment and appropriate work behavior
4. Identify ways to build the culture of collaboration and cooperation by embracing diversity

Who Should Attend

• Anyone who wants to build positive, inclusive, and collaborative team dynamics.

Sexual Harassment Prevention NYS Certification Program

The issue of sexual harassment in the workplace has warranted for the government to impose mandates on businesses. Employers who provide safe, respectful, and positive work environments, reduce the likelihood of harassment and inappropriate workplace behavior.

If you seek to (1) identify risks, (2) address conflicts, (3) build more collaboration among your team, (4) increase awareness, and (5) minimize workplace sexual harassment liability, learn more about our courses. Each has been approved by a Legal team to meet the state requirements.

Sexual Harassment Prevention NYS Certification Online Course

This Self-paced Online Course walks you through the core information you should know about what sexual harassment is and how to prevent it in the workplace.

Sexual Harassment Prevention NYS Certification Coaching 

This is a 1-hour discussion to review what is and isn’t sexual harassment, its impact, and how to you recognize it. You’ll speak with a certified coach about the potential results of violating the sexual harassment laws in the workplace.

Sexual Harassment Prevention NYS Certification: Beyond the Classroom 

A Mastermind session to discuss your role as a leader in maintaining a harassment-free workplace and providing safe, respectful and positive work environments that reduce the likelihood of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior among colleagues.

This session is perfect for leaders seeking to identify risks, conflicts, and find opportunities to build open communication that minimize legal liability.

The uFoundation

Emerging Technology & Learning

Business as usual has changed. The way we teach and learn can no longer be primarily based on standardized tests that show how well you remember details. We are re-engineering education with the use of technology, such as artificial intelligence (AI), augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR), and online teleconferencing tools that adapt to your learning needs.

Augmented Reality & Digital Art

In the #EverUpward Project, TruBLEND Learning, UMEWE, and NexTechAR designed and developed a 3D/AR model of the yellow ladder, the symbolism of hope, optimism and resiliency for Mental Health Awareness Month. 

360 Views & Product Demos and Support

Create training that is accessible from anywhere and serves multiple purposes. Our approach looks at your business comprehensively and creates training to your audience and the results you want.

vCommunity & TruBLEND AR_Mall


Like a brick-and-mortar community center, the Virtual Community Center (Vcommunity) serves as a hub to connect to local residents to businesses and government resources in one place.

This hub leverages the leading technologies in artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, CRM and HRIS systems. It connects you to opportunities in the area from anywhere with internet access. It also offers you a cost effective way to find and develop local talent and stay connected with clients and the community.

The TruBLEND AR_Mall(c) is in development. It's a portal for craftsmen, artisans, artists, and specialty small businesses to showcase and sell their creations in 3D, augmented and virtual reality.

Emerging Technology & Learning