OEP 3b: Alignment Review

Have you delivered an online presentation where you wanted high interactivity and open discussion, but there was minimal participation from the audience?

Like a car with misalign wheels, we can misalign with others when sharing our ideas. This can cause conflicts, misunderstanding, and losing control of a situation, like a meeting. When we present online, the rules change because sometimes there are no visual queues. The Alignment Review helps you properly align your delivery to your audience and presentation goals. Send us your video, tell us about your goals and the audience, and we’ll give you feedback about how well your delivery aligns.



The Alignment Review is a 1-page evaluation on the top 6 areas that help you connect, build rapport and get your point across with clarity. Speak with purpose.

Have you said a funny (and appropriate) joke and no one laughed? Asked a direct question and was received as rhetorical? These are examples of what it’s like to be out of alignment with those you speak with. You can have a disconnect from factors like, personality, culture, and bias differences. This session analyses the alignment of your delivery to the objectives.

In this free-text form evaluation, you’ll receive feedback on your:

  1. Verbal communication (clarity of message, tone, speed, our reiteration of what you said)
  2. Non-verbal communication (body language, gestures, poise, projection)
  3. Communication style
  4. Organization of your message
  5. Call to action or next steps (if included)
  6. The setting (background, lighting, background noise)

How it works

Purchase the Alignment Review. You can use the same video from the Analysis Report as we would be evaluating different areas of the recording.

You will receive an email from TruBLEND Learning with a set of questions about the results you’re looking to get from the video. Once we receive your responses, we’ll get to work! Your personalized alignment review will be available within 24 hours.

Ask us about recordings that are more than 2 minutes in length.

This report is for

Anyone who wants targeted feedback on how well your delivery aligns to the video’s purpose. Great to project yourself well to others online and create open dialog during an online interview.


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