OEP 3d: Deliver With Confidence: Presentation Delivery On-going Support

Enlist us as your on-going support team to help you build your executive presence.  The coaches and practitioners are certified.


Practice and prepare to deliver your presentations by receiving targeted feedback from a certified coach or practitioner on your delivery for a total of 4 coaching hours.

This coaching session includes

For a total of 4 (four) hours of one-to-one coaching sessions, you work exclusively on any presentation delivery skills area you’d like.

Receive pointed feedback on your strengths and opportunities to increase your confidence and overall presentation abilities.

How it works

Send your video to Info@TruBlendLearning.com and review it with us during a call or Live Online meeting. Then, deep dive into its analysis and get clarity on your questions.

You can send us any content you’ll be presenting to practice with us your delivery. For example, practice explaining a PowerPoint slide you’ll deliver in a presentation. Optionally, here are samples of 1-minute videos you can create and work through with us:

Pitch your idea in ways that lead to getting a follow-up call or meeting

Explain a hard to understand idea

Introduce your business, product or service

Ask for a referral

Give bad news


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