uFoundation: New Age Botany and Sustainability Bundle

Human equity has 4 pillars that create systemic opportunities for every social-economic class. It is a movement of taking ownership of your health and that of your family, destigmatizing cannabis in our communities, finding business opportunities in the industry, and healing as a community from the War on Drugs.


Learn techniques to maximize efficacy in growing a personal organic garden while having a low impact on the environment to benefit your medical, spiritual or recreational well-being.


In a 3-part series, learn how to grow cannabis at home, what to do to keep your plants healthy, and things to do with your harvest



  • Innovators for food and agriculture
  • Anyone looking for sustainable ways to create healthy foods for personal nutrition and home remedies

Formats: In-Person & Virtual Instructor-led
Duration: 60-minute each session & Half day sessions available
Languages: Local languages available in some cases.
Additional Notes All classroom in-person sessions use a live cannabis CBD plant to study the subject.
Subscribe to our community and receive a taste from our boutique-manicured flowers. Available in New York Only.”


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