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Virtual Community Center

Leading Technologies Working Seamlessly to Connect Communities

TruBLEND Learning designed a Virtual Community Center from where the community can access local business and government resources. The vCenter uses leading technologies in Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, CRM, and HRIS systems that give you seamless access to resources available to you. 

Virtual Community Center

From the Virtual Community Center, you can also access the TruBLEND AR Community, a place to share augmented reality experiences and sell your products in the AR market place.

We're working with you to unite our communities via technology to share resources and learn from one another.

CASE STUDY: #EverUpward on AR

The #EverUpward Project represents our goal of connecting our communities using technology. With UMEWE and NexTech AR Solutions, we created a 3D model and AR experience of the yellow ladder to represent the NYS symbolism of optimism, hope and resilience for mental health awareness. This project aims to connect our communities with the use augmented reality.

Visit the TruBLEND AR Community on the ARitize App

Experience the yellow ladder in your space and share what it means to you by posting your pic of the ladder at #EverUpward.