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TruBLEND Learning signs non-disclosure agreements and is unable to share most work samples; however, here are two case studies to show our scope and range of our work.

Case Study 1: Enhancing Learning & Knowledge Management at RPA

Executive Summary

The work produced for Rockerfeller Philanthropy Advisors includes a comprehensive blend of learning and knowledge management initiatives aimed at improving operational efficiency, enhancing compliance with policies, preserving institutional knowledge, and facilitating smooth transitions in leadership. These efforts align closely with RPA's strategic objectives and contribute to the organization's long-term sustainability and impact in the philanthropic sector.

Project 1: Travel & Expense Policy and Procedures Awareness

Creation of a blended learning initiative to enhance awareness of the Travel & Expense Policy through live webinars, interactive presentations, and informative announcements.

Impact: Increased compliance with travel policies and improved expense management practices.

Project 2: Learning & Knowledge Management Capstone

Alignment of the LKM Strategic Plan with RPA's 5-Year Strategic Plan, providing analysis and coaching notes.

Impact: Improved integration of learning initiatives with strategic objectives.

Project 3: Box & File Infrastructure

Analysis and design of systems alignment (Box, Airtable, Workday) for seamless workflow, and development of file management standards.

Impact: Streamlined document management processes and improved accessibility to critical information.

Project 4: Concur

Creation of a conceptual framework and instructional design plan for the Concur eLearning course.

Impact: Enhanced employee proficiency in expense management tools.

Project 5: Onboarding

Analysis of onboarding needs and identification of automation/streamlining opportunities.

Impact: Improved efficiency and effectiveness of new employee onboarding processes.

Project 6: Legacy in Philanthropy: A Conversation with Amy Holmes

Production of a knowledge transfer series to off-board Amy Holmes, including Top 10 Takeaways List and a Final Executive Report.

Impact: Preserved institutional knowledge and best practices.

Project 7: Legacy in Philanthropy: A Conversation with Melissa Berman

Production of a collection of short-form videos for knowledge transfer from Melissa Berman.

Impact: Facilitated smooth transition of leadership and preservation of expertise.

Online Conference Presentation

RPA and TruBLEND Learning presented at the Rutgers University 2024 Online Conference on Unlocking Accessibility Success for Adults -- Practical Strategies for Comprehensive Accessibility in Adult Learning. Link to Video: RPA and TruBLEND Learning Presentation

Case Study 2: Augmented Reality in the Parks Initiative with Scenic Hudson

Client Background
Scenic Hudson is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving and enhancing the scenic, natural, agricultural, and cultural landscapes of the Hudson Valley. The organization works to protect important open spaces, improve public access to parks and trails, and promote environmental stewardship.

Scenic Hudson aimed to leverage technology to enhance environmental education and community engagement within its parks. The organization sought to create immersive educational experiences that would attract visitors, foster environmental awareness, and promote community enrichment.

TruBLEND Learning partnered with Scenic Hudson to develop the Augmented Reality in the Parks initiative, integrating augmented reality technology with the natural beauty of parks to provide immersive educational experiences for visitors.

Through a combination of interactive multimedia, virtual reality simulations, and gamification elements, TruBLEND Learning designed engaging educational modules focused on environmental conservation, wildlife preservation, and local history. The initiative aimed to inspire curiosity, promote environmental stewardship, and foster a deeper connection between visitors and the natural world.


  • The Augmented Reality in the Parks initiative received positive feedback from visitors and community members, enhancing their park experience and increasing environmental awareness.
  • The immersive educational experiences attracted a diverse range of visitors, including families, students, and nature enthusiasts, contributing to increased park attendance and engagement.
  • Scenic Hudson's commitment to leveraging technology for environmental education was recognized and applauded by the local community, enhancing the organization's reputation as a leader in conservation and community engagement.

The initiative served as a model for other organizations seeking to integrate technology with outdoor experiences, inspiring similar projects in parks and nature reserves across the region.

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